about us

Unlock the power of your most trusted partner.

We strive to be the trusted partner to all our clients by providing the necessary entrepreneurial vigor and professional prowess you need to chart your path forward.

Relationships with our clients matter and we know accepting advice takes trust. Therefore, we work hard to ensure that you know who we are professionally and personally, knowing our capabilities, and our track history.

We put a lot of stock into getting the job done right and expect our clients to share in the heavy lifting.

We depend on practice owners to establish our role within the practice and share our authority to make changes.

Our goal is to increase efficiency, revenue, profit, customer satisfaction, staff morale, market share and replicate the process.

M. Chris Nuzum,

Scott Key, MBA
V.P. of Accounting

James N. Smith, MBA
Chief Financial Officer

Tameka Johnson,
Practice Operations